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CAG VPX Deployment

Posted by mountainbrother - 4. April 2011

it is one possible deployment for CAG

i use eth0 and eth1


by default etho is always extern and eth1 internal + management Interface




Logon Domane

Xenapp Farm


Licenceserver with VPX Licence and Concurrent User


Logon Points  Basic / SmartAccess

Authentication: LDAP ( Radius and Secure Id )

Admin Domain Account to browse AD

OU Structure to point User

Groups to map User for Networkresoureces and VPN Access

VPX with 2 Nic´s eth0 by default outside eth1 inside

Public SSL Cert for Citrix

.pem Server Cert

.pem trusted Root or Intermedia Certificate for Trusted Chain SSL Cert

Xenserver or VMware server to import the Appliance

Basic Logon admin/admin

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CAG some Resources

Posted by mountainbrother - 30. März 2011

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